Why is a dash cam useful

The dash cam has become more and more popular over the last decade or so because of its various functionalities. In simple words, it is a camera that can be mounted on your car’s dashboard, and is meant to record images, videos, and sounds while you drive. A car dashboard camera, as it is also called, carefully records all details that occur both inside the car, and on the road. Currently, these cameras are used around the world by taxi drivers, bus drivers, regular drivers, driving instructors, police officers, and more. These feature-rich pieces of hardware are quite affordable and can easily be used with other on-board gadgets like GPS devices and recorders. Here is why you should invest your money in a dash cam for your vehicle:

  1. First-hand evidence in case any mishap occurs

The first and foremost reason for installing a dashcam, arguably the reason for millions of drivers, is the proof that it collects and provides. It starts recording as soon as the engine starts and provides real-time proof of the accident, efficient and straightforward. The video evidence from a dash cam is accepted by courts should your car be involved in a mishap. It is quite often the strongest proof one can provide in their defence, and it can help you save a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

  1. The best solution for undisciplined drivers

Everyone has come across a horrible driver at least once in their driving career. Dash cams helps you report such undisciplined drivers to the police. Besides being really annoying and bothersome, these reckless drivers pose a genuine threat to the lives of innocent passengers and other drivers. Reporting their behaviour usually requires an eye witness as proof, without which the case goes cold. This is where your dash cam comes to the rescue, providing you with proof that cannot be debated upon. You can use it to report incidents of drunk driving, distracted driving, road rage accidents, and more.

  1. A perfect tool for anxious parents and driving instructors

If you worry about your child taking your car away for a sneaky ride despite being forbidden, or run a taxi company and are suspicious of drivers using extra miles for personal benefit, a dash cam is the solution you need. It is also a great tool for driving instructors to test the integrity of their students when left alone with the car. You may also want to know what happens to your car when you send it to a mechanic or a car wash, or lend it to relatives or friends. Most dash cams these days come with embedded GPS devices. Thus, it records every detail of events that take place outside the car and inside of it, along with the different routes taken and the speeds driven at.

  1. Record your road trip

If you like road trips, this reason becomes a highly persuasive one. Dash cams help you to turn your road trips into unforgettable journeys, by providing a video journal. You can watch them again and again whenever you feel nostalgic.

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